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NC State Extension

Eastern NC Broiler Production Short Course

September 2, 9, 23 2020
Online via Zoom


Developing Leadership for the Global Marketplace

This course provides updated technical information for live production and grow out managers, broiler flock supervisors and other personnel involved in broiler chicken production.


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2020 Program

September 2
Moisture Control Strategies for Better Paws and Drier Litter
Dr. Connie Mou, Jones-Hamilton
Connie received a master’s degree in Poultry Nutrition from Virginia Tech and a Ph.D. in Poultry Environmental Management from the University of Georgia.
Her main area of focus is utilizing sensor technology to assess poultry house environments, assessing bird performance/behavior through bird water usage, and evaluating litter management strategies.
Brooding — The Most Important Stage
David Swysgood, Aviagen
David holds a B.S. in Animal Science from Missouri State University. He joined Aviagen in 1999 as a North America Technical Manager working with both breeder and broiler management.
David has over 30 years of experience in the integrated broiler and primary breeding industries.
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September 9 Litter Management During Downtime
Dr. Josh Payne, Jones-Hamilton
Josh serves as the Technical Services Manager for Jones-Hamilton, the manufacturers of PLT®.
He was previously an assistant professor and Extension Poultry Specialist at Oklahoma State University.
Josh has extensive experience in litter management and poultry mortality management.
Post Brooding — Now What?
David Swysgood, Aviagen
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September 23
Integrated Litter Management Plan for Large ABF Broilers
Trisha Marsh Johnson, DVM, MAM, Jones-Hamilton
Trisha is the Senior Manager, Veterinary Services for Jones-Hamilton.
Early in her career, Dr. Johnson worked on the initial development and introduction of PLT® litter acidifier to the poultry industry. She then launched her own international veterinary consulting practice, Veterinary & Environmental Technical Solutions, assisting poultry integrators in litter management, food safety and transitioning to ABF
After 15 years in private practice, she returned to Jones-Hamilton in January 2020.
Ventilation: Placement to Market
Randy Kivett, Cobb Vantress
Randy joined Cobb in 2017 after 37 years working in the broiler industry in diverse positions of the chain. Randy is in charge of troubleshooting with customers to find real-world solutions that will improve broiler performance and help products reach their genetic potential.
Randy visits customers in the U.S., Mexico, Central America and Canada for technical support in all facets of live production.
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All sessions meet via Zoom for 2020.


Registration for the workshop sessions is online via Zoom.

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Professor and Extension Specialist
NC State University
Cooperative Extension Service
Prestage Department of Poultry Science
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