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Pastured Poultry Webinar Series

Pastured Poultry series featured graphic

Do you want to get started with pastured poultry? Use these new videos to get the info you need to start right and stay right.

The Pastured Poultry webinar series from NC Choices covers five areas important to beginning (and continuing) farmers: management, nutrition, infrastructure, processing and health.

Each area includes a video presentation along with the option to download the presentation slides. Transcripts will be added. View the videos below or visit Niche Meat Teaching Resources to get slides and more.

The videos are one part of a cluster of resources designed by NC Choices, an initiative of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) in collaboration with N.C. Cooperative Extension that promotes local, niche and pasture-based meats in North Carolina.

The Niche Meat Teaching Resources are meant to help trainers working with beginning farmers across the state. They cover many topics, including business and marketing, and production training for pasture-based poultry, small ruminants and swine, with cattle resources coming soon.

If you need more help, contact an Area Specialized Agent for poultry or your county livestock agent.

Watch the Videos

Pastured Poultry: Management

New video – get tips and tricks to help when brooding chicks. Margaret Ross shows you how!

Pastured Poultry: Nutrition

Pastured Poultry: Infrastructure

Pastured Poultry: Processing

Pastured Poultry: Health

More from N.C. Cooperative Extension

Get even more video content related to Pastured Poultry.

How to Raise Pastured Poultry video series

Over the summer in 2020, Union County agents presented an eight-part video series, How to Raise Pastured Poultry, featuring Aaron Moore, Area Agent for Small Farms.

The series focuses on meat birds, starting with receiving chicks. The final video features Marcus McFarland, Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences, demonstrating how to prepare a spatchcock chicken recipe.

From Embryo to Chick (The Livestock Conservancy and N.C. Cooperative Extension)

Interested in pastured heritage poultry?

Over the summer in 2020, N.C. Cooperative Extension partnered with The Livestock Conservancy to create the From Embryo to Chick: A Cooperative Virtual Learning Experience video series.

Videos feature Victoria Brewer, Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Development, and Jeannette Beranger, Senior Program Manager for The Livestock Conservancy.

The series has 13 episodes, covering basic hygiene and getting chicks off to a great start.

1. Importance of Good Hand Washing (8:39)

2. Day 1 – Warming Up the Eggs (13:59)

3. Building an Eggs-Ray Viewer (10:53)

4. Playing Peekaboo (11:48)

5. Eggsploring the Egg (7:45)

6. Pick a Chick (15:37)

7. Building a Home “Tweet” Home (2:51)

8. A Visit to Jeannette’s Chicken Farm (5:38)

9. Eggsploring Careers (7:03)

10. Caring and Handling (7:03)

11. Counting the Chicks (6:59)

12. Chick Check-In with Jeannette (17:28)

13. Chick Check-In with Victoria (2:48)

The series is appropriate for adults and youth getting started with small poultry flocks.

What is the Livestock Conservancy?

The Livestock Conservancy is a nonprofit organized started in 1977 to “protect endangered livestock and poultry breeds from extinction.”

“The Livestock Conservancy works with farmers and ranchers, chefs, historians, consumers, and others across the nation to protect genetic diversity in agriculture. Just like there are heirloom seeds that need saving, the Conservancy works to protect Heritage breeds – for the security of our agricultural system.”

More about The Livestock Conservancy.

To learn more about The Livestock Conservancy, contact them online.

What’s a Heritage Breed?

“The Livestock Conservancy developed the term “Heritage breed” to help breeders of historic and endangered breeds of livestock market their animals.”

For more information about how they developed the term and to see the official Heritage breed definitions, visit their Heritage Breeds page.

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