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Feeds & Nutrition

Nutrition is an important part of bird and flock health. These resources can help you choose appropriate feed for your flock.

NC State Extension resources

Animal feed and nutrition can make the difference between a healthy flock and a flock that doesn’t quite meet your expectations.

Feed safety and production are part of Poultry Extension at NC State. Learn more about animal food safety and the NC State Feed Mill.

Other resources

Nutrition for the Backyard Flock
Circular 954

This article from University of Georgia Extension explains the parts of a healthy diet and includes a table of typical nutrition breakdowns, arranged by type of bird (broiler, pullet and layer).

This resource can be viewed online or downloaded for free.

Water for Poultry

This article from University of Florida IFAS Extension covers important considerations for providing water for your flock. Topics include cooling water, water hardness, etc.

This resource is a direct download link (PDF); updates cannot be guaranteed.

If you have questions about feeding your backyard flock, or about nutrition for poultry, contact an Area Specialized Agent for poultry, your county livestock agent or Ask an Expert.