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Small Flock Management Resources










Keeping Garden Chickens in NC PDF

Alternative Poultry Production Systems and Outdoor Access 

Farm Flock Poultry (University of Minnesota) HTML

The Home Flock (Mississippi State University) HTML

Management Guide for the Backyard Flock (University of Georgia) 
 | PDF

Managing a Family Chicken Flock (University of Missouri) HTML | PDF

Preparing Poultry for Show (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Production of Eggs and Home-Raised, Home-Butchered Broilers and Turkeys (Kansas State University) PDF

Producing Turkeys for Show (Texas Agricultural Extension Service) PDF

Poultry for the Small Producer (Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service) PDF

Poultry Management Specifications (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Raising Fowl And Small Animals in Urban Areas (Virginia Cooperative Extension)HTML

Selecting and Preparing Birds for Exhibition (Mississippi State University) HTML

Selecting Chickens for Show (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Small Poultry Flocks (NC State University) HTML | PDF

Small Poultry Flocks (USDA) PDF

Small Turkey Flock Management (University of Wisconsin) PDF

A Small-Scale Agriculture Alternative: Poultry (Virginia Cooperative Extension) HTML

Starting and Managing Small Poultry Units (University of California) PDF

Turkey Care Practices (University of California) PDF

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Concepts of Eggshell Quality (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Culling Hens (Mississippi State University) HTML

Egg-Type Layer Flock Care Practices (California Poultry Workgroup) PDF

Evaluating Egg Production Hens (University of Minnesota) HTML

Factors Affecting Egg Production in Backyard Chicken Flocks (University of Florida)

Factors Causing Poor Pigmentation of Brown-Shelled Eggs (University of Florida)

Guidelines for a Non-Fasting Feeding Program for Molting of Laying Hens
(University of Nebraska-Lincoln) HTML | PDF

Keeping Garden Chickens in NC PDF

Light for Backyard Flocks (University of Maine) HTML

Management of Egg Producing Hens (Mississippi State University) HTML

Management Requirements for Laying Flocks (Virginia Cooperative Extension) PDF

Producing Your Own Eggs (University of New Hampshire) PDF

Proper Light Management for Your Home Laying Flock (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) PDF

The Small Laying Flock (University of Minnesota) HTML

The Small Laying Flock (Texas Agricultural Extension Service) PDF

Small-Scale Egg Production: Organic and Non-organic (Pennsylvania State University)PDF

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Addressing the Consequences of Predator Damage to Livestock and Poultry
(Virginia Cooperative Extension) HTML | PDF

Cannibalism in the Small Poultry Flock (Kansas State University) PDF

Cannibalism: Prevention and Treatment (Virginia) HTML

Causes for Hens Eating Their Eggs (Mississippi State University) HTML

Causes for Thin Egg Shells (Mississippi State University) HTML

Causes of Pecking and Cannibalism (Mississippi State University) HTML

Causes of Poor Feathering (Mississippi State University) HTML

Egg Eating by Chickens (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Estimating the Value of Domestic Fowl (Virginia Cooperative Extension) HTML

Keeping Garden Chickens in NC PDF

Leg and Foot Disorders in Domestic Fowl (Virginia Cooperative Extension) HTML

Leg Problems in Broilers and Turkeys (Kansas State University) PDF

Molting and Other Causes of Feather Loss in Small Poultry Flocks (Kansas State University) PDF

Molting of Laying Hens (Mississippi State University) HTML

Predators: Thieves in the Night (Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service) PDF

Preventing Hens from Eating Eggs (Kansas State University) PDF

Prevention of Egg Eating (Virginia Cooperative Extension) HTML

Why Do Hens Stop Laying Eggs? (Mississippi State University) HTML

Why Have My Hens Stopped Laying? (Virginia Cooperative Extension) HTML

Why My Hens Stopped Laying (University of California) PDF

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Anyone for a Few Broilers? (Michigan State University) PDF

How to Produce Broilers and Roasters for Show (Texas A&M University System) PDF

Management Requirements for Meat Bird Flocks (Virginia Cooperative Extension)HTML

The Home Broiler Chicken Flock (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

The Home Broiler Flock (Texas A&M University System) PDF

Raising Broilers and Turkeys for Competition (University of Arkansas) HTML

The Small Flock for Poultry Meat (University of Minnesota) HTML

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Best Breeds of Chickens (Mississippi State University) HTML

Choosing a Chicken Breed: Eggs, Meat or Exhibition (Perdue University) PDF

History of Chicken Breeds (University of Illinois) HTML

Match Your Need to the Right Breed (University of Maine) HTML | PDF

Poultry Breeds (Oklahoma State University) HTML

Selecting Breeds for Small Flocks (West Virginia University) PDF

Selecting Chickens for Home Use (University of California) PDF

What is a Chicken? (University of Illinois) HTML

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Artificial Incubation (Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service) PDF

Avian Embryo (Mississippi State University) HTML

Basics of Incubation for the Home Flock (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) HTML | PDF

Building an Incubator (University of Illinois) HTML

Building and Operating a Display Incubator (Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service)PDF

Care and Incubation of Hatching Eggs (Mississippi State University) HTML

Care and Storage of Hatching Eggs (Mississippi State University) HTML | PDF

Common Incubation Problems (University of California) PDF

Constructing an Egg Candler (University of Illinois) HTML

Egg Candling and Breakout Analysis (University of California) PDF

Hatchability Problem Analysis (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Hatching and Brooding Small Numbers of Chicks (University of Minnesota) HTML

Hatching Your Own Chicks (University of Maine) HTML

Incubating Eggs (Virginia Cooperative Extension) HTML

Incubating Eggs in Small Quantities (University of California) PDF

Incubating Eggs of Domestic Birds (Clemson University) PDF

Incubation for the Home Flock (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) HTML

Incubation of Poultry (University of Missouri) HTML

Operating a Still Air Model Incubator (University of Illinois) HTML

Trouble Shooting Failures with Egg Incubation (Mississippi State University) HTML 

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A Brooding Unit for a Small Number of Birds (University of Illinois) HTML

Brooding and Growing Chicks (University of Missouri) HTML | PDF

Brooding and Rearing Baby Chicks (Oregon State University) HTML | PDF

Brooding Chickens and Quail (Mississippi State University) HTML

Brooding of Domestic Fowl (Virginia Cooperative Extension) HTML

Capons (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Giving Chicks a Good Start (University of Maine) HTML | PDF

Growing Healthy Chicks (Mississippi State University) HTML

Hatchery Management Guide for Game Bird and Small Poultry Flock Owners (Mississippi State University) HTML

Keeping Garden Chickens in NC PDF

Methods for Sexing Day-Old Chicks (University of Florida) PDF

Rearing Chicks and Pullets for the Small Laying Flock (University of Minnesota) HTML

Sexing Geese (Oklahoma State University) HTML

Sexing of Day-Old Chicks (Mississippi State University) HTML

Sex Reversal in Chickens (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Turkey Brooding and Management (University of Maine) HTML | PDF

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Feed Chickens Properly (Mississippi State University) PDF

Feeding the Backyard Laying Flock (West Virginia University) PDF

Nutrition and Feeding of Show Poultry (Texas Agricultural Extension Service) PDF

Nutrition for the Backyard Flock (University of Georgia) HTML | PDF

Poultry Diets for Small Flocks (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Poultry Nutrition Information for the Small Flock (Kansas State University) PDF

Small Poultry Flock Nutrition (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Water for Poultry (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

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Avian Disease Fact Sheet (Virginia Cooperative Extension) HTML

Avian Diseases Transmissible to Humans (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

The Avian Immune System (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Avian Necropsy Techniques (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Bacterial Diseases of Poultry (Mississippi State University) HTML

Biological Control of Coccidiosis in Small Poultry Flocks (University of Maine)

Biosecurity and the Poultry Flock (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) PDF

Biosecurity for Backyard Flocks (Dept. of Poultry Science) PDF

Biosecurity for Poultry (Ohio State University) HTML | PDF

Biosecurity for Poultry (University of Maryland) HTML

Biosecurity for the Poultry Industry (West Virginia University) PDF

Chicken Feathers (University of Illinois) HTML

Cleaning and Disinfection of Poultry Facilities (Ohio State University) HTML | PDF

Combs (University of Illinois) HTML

Common Continuous External Parasites of Poultry (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Common External Parasites in Poultry: Lice and Mites (Ohio State University) 
 | PDF

Common Intermittent External Parasites of Poultry (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Common Lice and Mites of Poultry: Identification and Treatment (University of California) PDF

Common Poultry Diseases (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Common Poultry Diseases in Small Farm Flocks in Oklahoma (Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service) PDF

Control of Poultry Disease Outbreaks (University of Missouri) HTML

Control of Rodents in Commercial Poultry Facilities (Purdue University) HTML | PDF

Diagram of a Male and Female Chicken (Oklahoma State University) HTML

Diagram of a Male and Female Turkey (Oklahoma State University) HTML

Diagram of a Poultry Digestive Tract (Oklahoma State University) HTML

Diseases of Poultry (Mississippi State University) HTML

Eliminating Mites in Poultry Flocks (Kansas State University) PDF

External Parasites of Poultry (University of Florida) PDF

Eye Disorders of Poultry (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Fungal Diseases of Poultry (Mississippi State University) HTML

Keeping Garden Chickens in NC PDF

General Characteristics of Disinfectants (Mississippi State University) HTML

Good Neighbors: A Health Program for Small and Specialty Poultry Flocks (University of Maryland) HTML

Home Remedy Solutions for Poultry (Mississippi State University) HTML

House Mice (University of California) PDF

Intestinal Parasites in Backyard Chicken Flocks (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Less Common External Parasites in Poultry (Ohio State University) HTML | PDF

Medical Management of the Rooster Spur (Ohio State University) HTML | PDF

Nematode Parasites of Poultry (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Other Non-Respiratory Bacterial Diseases (Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service)PDF

Parasitic Diseases (Mississippi State University) HTML

Pest Control on Poultry Farms (Texas Agricultural Extension Service) PDF

Pesticides Used for Control of Poultry Insect Pests (Mississippi State University) HTML

Poultry Disease Diagnosis (Mississippi State University) HTML

Poultry Facility Biosecurity (Texas Agricultural Extension Service) PDF

Poultry Facts – Sanitation (West Virginia University) PDF

Poultry Health Basics (Mississippi State University) HTML

Poultry Necropsy Basics (Ohio State University) HTML | PDF

Poultry Pests and their Control (West Virginia University) PDF

Poultry Pest Management (Ohio State University) HTML

Poultry Pest Management (Texas Agricultural Extension Service) PDF

Protozoan Disease of Poultry (Mississippi State University) HTML

Preventing Avian Influenza in Backyard Poultry Flocks (Dept. of Poultry Science) PDF

Prevention and Control of Fowl Pox in Backyard Chicken Flocks (University of Florida)

Prevention of Poultry Disease (University of Missouri) HTML | PDF

Remedies for Health Problems of Organic Laying Flock (University of Vermont) PDF

Salmonella and Poultry (Oklahoma State University) PDF

Sanitation – Cleaning and Disinfection (Mississippi State University) HTML

Toxicity to Poultry of Common Weed Seeds (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Understanding Vaccines (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) HTML | PDF

Vaccination of Small Poultry Flocks (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Viral Diseases of Poultry (Mississippi State University) HTML

What Small Flock Owners Should Know about “Bird Flu” (University of Maryland) PDF

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Growing Your Range Poultry Business (USDA) PDF

Homemade Comfort Cages for Small Poultry Flocks (University of Maryland) 
 | PDF

Keeping Garden Chickens in NC PDF

Large-Scale Pastured Poultry Farming in the US (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Moveable Pen for Fowl (University of Tennessee) HTML

Poultry Budgets (University of Wisconsin-Madison) HTML

Poultry Plans (North Dakota State University) HTML

Raising Poultry on Pasture (University of Wisconsin-Madison) HTML | PDF

Range Poultry Housing (USDA) HTML | PDF

Small Scale Poultry Housing (Virginia Cooperative Extension) HTML

Small Scale Poultry Housing Designs (Virginia Cooperative Extension) HTML

Transporting Poultry in a Humane Manner (Virginia Cooperative Extension) HTML

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Coming Under Inspection for Small Processing Plants (NCDA&CS) PDF

Consumer Preferences for Organic/Free Range Chicken (Kansas State University) PDF

Direct Sale of Poultry (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) HTML | PDF

Home Processing of Poultry (Oklahoma State University) HTML

Home Processing of Poultry Series (University of Minnesota) HTML

How to Obtain State Inspection (NCDA&CS) HTML

Inspection Requirements of Meat and Poultry Businesses (NCDA&CS) PDF

NC Compulsory Meat Inspection Law (NCDA&CS) PDF

NC Poultry Products Inspection Law (NCDA&CS) PDF

On-Farm Slaughter Activities (NCDA&CS) PDF

Poultry and Shell Egg Grading (NCDA&CS) HTML

Procedures for Killing and Dressing Home Grown Fowl (University of Florida) 
 | PDF

Processing Farm-Raised Poultry (Kansas State University) PDF

Processing Poultry at Home (Texas Agricultural Extension Service) PDF

Small Scale Poultry Processing (USDA) HTML | PDF

Using the Claim “Certified Organic By…” on Meat and Poultry Product Labeling (USDA) HTML

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Contents of a Chicken Egg (Mississippi State University) HTML

Designer and Specialty Eggs (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Designing Eggs for Better Nutrition (Texas Agricultural Extension Service) PDF

Egg Quality (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Factors that Influence Egg Production (American Egg Board) HTML

Facts About Table Eggs (University of Maine) HTML | PDF

Food Safety and Quality-Handling Eggs (University of Tennessee) PDF

Packing Eggs on the Farm for Direct Sale (Kansas State University) PDF

Proper Handling of Eggs (Virginia Cooperative Extension) HTML

Selecting Eggs for Show (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Structure of the Egg (University of Illinois) HTML

The Process of Egg Formation (Perdue University Cooperative Extension Service) PDF

What is Egg Quality and Preserving It (University of Illinois) HTML 

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Brooding and Rearing Ducklings and Goslings (University of Missouri) HTML

Brooding Chickens and Quail (Mississippi State University) HTML

Bobwhite Quail Brooder House Plan (Mississippi State University) HTML

Bobwhite Quail Production (University of Florida) HTML | PDF

Construction, Insulation and Ventilation of Game Bird Facilities (University of Florida)

Economic Assessment of Bobwhite Quail Production (University of Georgia) HTML

Feeding Bobwhite Quail (NC State University) HTML | PDF

Feeding Ducks (NC State University) HTML

Feeding Quail (Mississippi State University) HTML

Game Bird Grower House Plan (Mississippi State University) HTML

Game Bird Flight Pen Plan (Mississippi State University) HTML

Japanese Quail (Texas Agricultural Extension Service) PDF

Management Requirements For Waterfowl (Virginia Cooperative Extension) HTML

Management Program Raising Breeder Duck Flocks (NC State University) HTML

Managing Game Birds (Michigan State University) HTML

Nutrition Guide for Bobwhite Quail (University of Georgia) HTML | PDF

Partridge Production (Pennsylvania State University) PDF

Raising Ducks (University of Minnesota) HTML

Raising and Propagating Japanese Quail (University of California) PDF

Raising Bobwhite Quail for Commercial Use (Mississippi State University) HTML

Raising Chukar Partridges (University of California) PDF

Raising Game Birds (University of California) HTML

Raising Geese (University of Minnesota) HTML

Raising Guinea Fowl (Virginia Cooperative Extension) HTML

Weeding with Geese (University of Missouri) HTML

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