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Spring 2014

NC Broiler Supervisor’s Short Course
Poultry Science Summer Institute (PSSI)
NC State Fair Youth Market Turkey Show
National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference
Livestock Indemnity Program
A.S.P.I.R.E. – ACT Supplemental Preparation in Rural Education
The Environmental Footprint of Poultry Meat and Eggs

Fall 2010

NC Broiler Supervisor’s Short Course
Tips to Reduce Dermatitis in Broilers
Questions on New Avian Influenza Testing Rules
New Avian Influenza Testing Rules
Poultry Youth Programs Update

Spring 2010

Poultry Youth Programs Update
Mountain State Fair Heritage Turkey Show
Are CFL’s Right for My Farm?
Dry LItter Requirements

Fall 2009

NC Broiler Supervisors’s Short Course
Poultry Youth Programs Update
Annual Poultry Poster Contest
NC State Fair Youth Market Turkey Show
Poultry Science Summer Institute
New Guidelines on Mass Mortality Composting

Spring 2009

Preventing Fires in Litter Storage Structures
Beetle Control
New Staff Announcement
NC State Feed Science Program Update

December 2008

Farm Energy Efficiency
New Products for Beetle Control
Youth Programs Update
Ag Water Use Survey

September 2008

North Carolina Poultry Federation News
Farm Practices to Reduce Diseases
Developing a Farm Plan
Issues to Consider When Refinancing

May 2008

2008 Broiler Supervisors’ Short Course
Federal Disaster Programs
Poultry Youth Programs Update
Reducing Energy Use with Solar Transpired Walls in Poultry Houses
NCSU Poultry Judging Team
Probiotics for Turkeys?

February 2008

Lost in Translation
LT Litter/House Treatment Policy
Infectious Laryngotracheitis
Understanding the Physiology of Lighting for Broiler Breeders
Feed Mill Unit Opening
Are You Preparing for Spring?
4-H Youth Activities
Reducing Energy Use with Solar Transpired Walls in Poultry Houses

October 2007

Nipple Drinkers for Brooding Turkeys
Improving Energy Efficiency for Broiler Farms
NC Poultry Federation
Extension’s Newest Area Poultry Agent
Poultry Youth Program Update

July 2007

Maintained Fan Belts/Pulleys
Poultry Youth Programs
New Departmental Leader Named
Renewable Energy/Efficiency Program

January 2007

Cellulitis/Dermatitis in Turkeys
Early Management Sets Flock Performance
Importance of Water Quality
Keeping Your Litter Dry Will Improve Bird Performance

October 2006

NC 15 NCAC 2T .1300 Regulations
Conserve Feed Pellet Quality
Phosphorus in NC Soils

July 2006

Time to Think About Hot Weather Management
Roof Rats in Poultry Houses
Neighbor Friendly Best Management Practices for Poultry Growers
News from NC Poultry Federation
Important Factors in Water Quality to Improve Broiler Performance

January 2006

Poultry Litter Amendments
Preventing Avian Flu
Care of High Pressure Sodium Lights in the Breeder House
NC Poultry Federation Honors 2005 Hall of Fame Recipients

November 2005

Impact of Litter Storage on Poultry Pests
New Phosphorus Assessment Tool
Quarterly Interdepartmental Meetings at NCSU

July 2005

Does the Use of Antibiotics in Poultry Production Pose a Risk to Human Health?
Darkling Beetle Management in Deep Litter Houses
Fulfilling the Vision – USDA-FSIS is on a Mission
New Faces at NCSU
Change in Leadership for Poultry Science
EPA Air Emissions Consent Agreement

May 2005

Characterization of Salmonella Serotypes, Prevalence, Populations, and Antibiotic Resistance in Commercial Broiler Production
NCSU, Department of Poultry Science Distinguished Alumni Awards 2004
Odor Control Fly Control – Is it Really Important???
Poultry Regulations Update

November 2005

Reasons Why Hormones Are Not Used In the Poultry Industry
Fall Rodent Management Practices
Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus (ILT)
Being a Good Neighbor

July 2004

Alternative Litter Materials for Growing Poultry
Improving Biosecurity on Poultry Farms
Drinking Water Quality for Poultry

APRIL 2004

On-farm Food Safety Regulations
New Phosphorous Rules
Animal Welfare Concerns
Fly Management for Poultry Farmers

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